“Death of Copyright” Highlights and American Idol Lawsuit

Exciting Highlights From The “Death of Copyright” Panel

For those of you who missed top entertainment litigation attorneys (representing both the studios and the creative professionals) battling it out at the Beverly Hills Bar Association's recent panel on “Death of Copyright: The Sequel” - you can rest easy! Get your popcorn ready and click here (or below) for highlights. The full event DVD can be purchased from the Beverly Hills Bar Association via this link.

Co-Counsel on American Idol Case

Lowe & Associates is pleased to announce it is joining forces with New York-based attorney James H. Freeman to fight for civil rights against the producers and sponsors of American Idol.  The complaint alleges that only minority contestants were disqualified based upon background issues (e.g. arrest records, application mistakes) while non-minorities with similar background issues were permitted to proceed. An excerpt of the complaint reads as follows:
"Rather than allow them to compete for the valuable prizes on the basis of their individual merit as artists, the program’s top senior executives, British showrunners Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick ran interference on them, sabotaging their promising careers as recording artists and gutting them of the opportunity they rightfully earned to become the next 'American Idol'."
The class action complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, seeks damages for five causes of action. Lowe & Associates is California-based counsel on the matter.

Lowe & Associates “Leading the Way in Entertainment Law

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